Run WebODM from a Virtual Machine

I don’t know if this is the right forum to post this.

I was just wondering if anyone is running WebODM from a virtual machine - either with Microsoft’s Hyper-V , Vmware, or Oracle-box? If anyone is, perhaps we can share notes to tweek the performance better.

I have an old decomission server i purchased a couple of years ago for my home computer lab. It has 160gb of ram, 24 CPU threads, and plenty of hard drive storage space. Because I use the server other things, I didn’t want to load WebODM on the server’s operating system, but wanted to run it from a virtual machine inside the server. Long story short, after about 3 days playing with the settings I finally got WebODM to work. The VM I created had to be Windows 10 Pro, (it didn’t work with Windows server OS) and the most stable specs I used was a Virtual Machine with VM\CPU nesting, with 32GBs of ram and 8 CPUs - with 4 of it’s CPUs and 16 GBs of it’s ram running for the Hyper-V that is built by the WebODM install. I managed to process about 130 images in about 7 hrs. If I add more CPUs and Ram to the VM, WebODM crashes every time and fails to start up. I suspect this is partialy due to Windows 10 Pro’s limitation and if I were able to get WebODM to run on Windows server 2016 or something of the sort it would be more stable.

Anyway, if anyone else is running WebODM in a VM, I’d love to hear how you have it set up. Thx.

Nested VM’s are not so great. It is possible but not easy to run docker containers directly inside VMware ESXI or HyperV server.

But I would suggest trying LiveODM instead, I’m kind a nub and could be wrong but I think it is installed natively instead of running inside docker.

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