RTK vs ODM MSL Differences


just to see if anyone here has the same problem, to be quick:

I usually process my data with 6 or 5 GCPs, RTK FULL GNSS device, using GCP Editor pro.
in each project I have differences between RTK vs ODM 3D Model (elevation).

I want to know if I’m doing a wrong step or what. Here are some images for a better understanding.

points differences



I remember that during our initial tests we had such issue but it was almost consistant 15 or 30 cm (do not remember) difference of altitude between RTK and GCPs.
Will ask more info and check with my team if it is really the same issue and if we are still seeing this in our results.


If the drone’s camera is a rolling shutter camera, check the drone’s flight speed when taking photos. If it’s the case, try to slow down the flight speed or have a pause when taking photos.


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