RTK problem in WebODM

I have problems with rtk and simple gps hights in WebODM. WebODM think it’s negative hights for some reason and therefor I can’t get the right geo referencing.

The images is from a Phantom 4 RTK, I don’t have this problem with my Mavic 2 Pro.


Altitude, or “Altiude”, at this stage?

[INFO] running “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\ODM\SuperBuild\install\bin\opensfm\bin\opensfm” match_features “E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\NodeODM\data\b93e1f93-5ed8-4ede-b8b8-d3bf781002c7\opensfm”
2022-04-03 15:05:15,750 INFO: Altiude is negative (-30.88273792147939) : viewing directions are probably divergent. Using default altide of 1.0
2022-04-03 15:05:15,750 INFO: Altitude for orientation based matching 1.0

Or in the DEMs?

If the former, I frequently see it with my M2P with no GCP/RTK etc, and it can be not just a few metres, but a few hundred kilometres above or below reality.

No not with my M2P bit with the Phantom with rtk

Yes, but where does the problem appear? Are the DEM altitudes way off, or do you see it in the console log for matching pairs of images?

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Haven’t looked it

I have had similar issues with my phantom 4 pro. after some testing found that ODM was subtracting the relative altitude from absolute altitude in EXIF to determine elevation of the DEM. absolute altitude in the exif metadata was not correct and relative altitude was correct skewing the DEM. I found that setting an offset to the exif absolute altitude to USGS elevation + relative altitude in all images fixed the issue.


How can i so tjat? Maybe like a batch

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I know you can do it as a batch with exiftool and possibly geosetter which uses exiftool in the background. I found exiftool easier since I didnt have learn to use a new GUI.


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