RTK and Gimbal angle - DJI M3E

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From various documentation and blogs relating to camera calibration, it is suggested to marginally tilt away from nadir, say. 5 or 10 degrees.

I am not a coder and I am still trying to wrap my head around how DJI handles RTK. I know it very accurately uses the RTK positionings for georeferencing. But does it use them for reconstruction?

If so, wouldn’t tilting the gimbal “mess up” the precise RTK position? Or does it compensate for the angle?

I seem to get lesser relative error with nadir imagery. And since DJI used to make it difficult to slighty tilt the gimbal anyway, i just stuck to nadir. However now, DJI have released a firmware and the custom gimble angle for mapping is easy now. So I am considering flying at 5 degrees, but I am wondering how it affects RTK.


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It’s hard to say definitively because of the closed platform, but it shouldn’t really affect anything negatively.

Platforms like ArduPilot write out IMU data including gimbal angle, and the RTK GPS is not often (ever, to my knowledge) mounted on the gimbal assembly, but rather usually the top center-ish of the sUAS.

I would imagine DJI is doing similar, and have considered the full system when enabling this feature. I hope :person_shrugging:

I have wondered that too. I know DJI have put some effort into something called TimeSync with the M3E which I believe corrects for latency between the RTK and the camera. I can’t imagine they wouldn’t also correct for position of the module.

According to the documentation I do believe the DJI writes the gimbal angle in the images: Mavic3E.pdf

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