Rotation of the orthomosaic

Hi to all!
Can anyone help me with the problem that I have with the rotation of my orthophoto in the FieldImageR?
When I tried to rotate the image of the field with the plots, rows of those plots twists in an irregular way, so can you help me with it?
P.S. This only happens when I load .tiff image, with .jpg image everything is fine.
I attached the image before and after image rotation with your code.



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I’ve also had this issue in the past and managed to work around it by manually specifying the rotation degrees (with the appropriate command). Not sure if it’s a bug.

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@pierotofy Thank you for the answer but I have tried to manually specify the angle of rotation with the command fieldRotate(mosaic = EX1.Crop, theta = something) and again I get the same results.
As I said in the first question this does not happen with the .jpg image but when I tried for the .tiff image I have that distortion of the image.
Is there any other way or command for rotation of the image that is not included in the FieldImageR?

Mm, I’m not sure then. We’ll have to wait for someone else to chime in here.

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