Rotate / Translate Point Cloud before Ortho

Hi All - I am looking for a way to “re-orient” point cloud data (rotate and/or translate) into the correct coordinates/angle w.r.t. ortho “plane” before WebODM generates the ortho. The generated point cloud is of high quality, accurate, and dense, however appears off-axis with respect to the ortho plane…resulting in distortion/improper dimensions.

What ODM input/outputs could be used to correct? Has anyone seen or explored this or have any ideas on how to attempt it?

Thank you in advance.

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Try setting some ground control points. That’s probably the easiest way.


Thank you! I will give this a shot if possible for this data set and see if it helps!

Hi Piero - Sorry I am just getting back to this issue…
I am creating some GCPs to give this a shot utilizing the GCP Editor Pro (very convenient and useful tool!). While creating some representative GCPs I noticed the Z is NaN. All my GCPs are at ground level and I am really hoping this can help “re-orient” these point clouds that seem to be rotated…but am not sure it will have an impact? I will definitely give it a try but any further thoughts you and others have would be greatly appreciated.

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