Rotate horizontally WebODM (*obj) file in Sketchfab

I have a big problem and I hope that one of you can help me.
When I import a 3D model from a WebODM (*obj) file into Sketchfab, I can’t rotate the model horizontally with the mouse afterwards, i.e. in orbit mode! All other movements are possible, only turning the model horizontally is not possible. I’ve tried everything!
Strangely, when I select models from other users, everything works perfectly! I am despairing!
Thank you for your help and greetings from Switzerland.

Try opening it in CloudCompare and se how it works out, if necessary you can change and save it in a new file or other format.

What is Cloud compare?

Why do all the other users’ models work in Sketchfab except mine?

It’s lovely, I love it.
I use it to edit pointclouds several ways

Thanks for the tip, but that’s not what I want. That should also work with WebODM.

But maybe you can se what’s wrong and fix it.

I’m unsure what the issue is with models in sketchfab, but WebODM is meant process your data, but won’t necessarily put it in any format needed for another application.

By contrast, cloudcompare is meant to do a few things, include support a bunch of different format translations. Using it to do the translation may also point to the challenge you’re having with models in sketchfab.

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