Rolling Shutter Correction

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I have seen last month WebODM created a correction for rolling shutters. Is this function automatically running when creating the Othrophotos or is there something I need to do to get this function to activate? I am currently running version 1.9.14.

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Update to the latest build, where you can check rolling shutter correction, and input your readout time for cameras that are not in the database if required.


Hi Gordon, thank you for your response! I have updated to the newest version. I have tried to enable the Rolling Shutter Correction but my quality report is coming out with more errors and my Othrophoto looks a lot worse? I believe I am doing something wrong.
Once I have selected the images for the othrophoto I click ‘Edit’ which is next to the ‘Options’ tab. In here I scroll down to Enable ‘Rolling-Shutter’. I ran one with just that option selected, it was really bad and then I ran another one with this selected and underneath in ‘Rolling-Shutter-readout’ I put in 20 as I saw this number for the Mavic Mini database. This also produced a lot of errors and a strange Othrophoto? Do you know what I might be doing wrong? Thank you!

The database does say 20ms for the Mavic Mini, so it should be ok. I don’t know the details of that particular camera, but there may be differences in readout speed depending on resolution/image size, could that be an issue?

Can you post the camera models details graph for running the task with and without rolling shutter correction, with all other parameters identical?


Are the photographs you are using from the drone good? Rolling shutter, especially of only 20ms, won’t really have a big impact unless you are taking photos flying along at a fast speed. Suggests there may be something else causing the poor output.

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