Roadside washout 3D model fly-through

It’s been an unseasonably wet month so far, with over 3 times the average amount of rain, and more forecast today!
Out riding my MTB yesterday I noticed a washout beside one of the gravel roads, over a metre deep in the pothole that formed at the lower end.

I took a couple of hundred photos with my phone, there are some overhangs that were difficult to get to due to the unstable ground, and me not wanting to fall in, so a few small blank areas on the sides the model, but overall it turned out quite well with ultra/high settings. It did end up with a bit of a tilt though, as is often the case with no GPS data in EXIF. I’m re-running the task now with ultra/ultra and a couple of other changes to see if it can be improved.


The way Luke landed the shot at the end to destroy the Death Star was amazing.

In all seriousness, that’s really cool and a great animation.


pew pew


All that rain mentioned above has had another effect, a good sized slump of land about 20km E of the washout, spotted when out cycling the other day. Spoke to the farmer on Sunday and he was cool with me flying over it, so I grabbed a stack of images of it this morning. It probably wont be the same by next week, as large amounts of rain are forecast later this week!


Ooh, landslide detection… keep us informed.