RGB+D cameras with ODM?

Does anyone has any experience or tried using RGB+D cameras with ODM? Is there a way to use the depth image these cameras provide in helping to reconstruct the depth maps?


I’ve not seen anything yet!

Do you have any example camera(s) and images?

The OAK-D camera develop for/by OpenCv for instance :


Would be nice but the difficulty is that the depth map does not have the same dimensions and are not aligned with the color pictures I think.

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We have played with Azure Kinect.

First off most of these RGB+D cameras are IR based, so they won’t perform well outside in direct sunlight (at least for not long distances). But can be a possibility for large indoor spaces.

As @bernarde said, RGB and Depth cameras do not line up one to one, but there are often calibration protocols you can follow to deal with that.

I can post some datasets later today.


Jealous! Want one of those for Windows Hello and object modeling, haha.

Yeah, the IR aspect is really problematic outdoors and these are not really designed for spaces more than a few meters away from the sensor in most cases.

I wonder if something from LightWare might materalize one day.

Hi @muratmaga,

Any news for a test dataset ? or did I miss it ?

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