Restart job after computer reboot

Was processing a job with 689 photos and was over 4.5 hours into it when I had to shut down the computer. Computer (iMac) is now back up - and WebODM restarted itself automatically (which surprised me) - but the job reports:
“Processing node went offline. This could be due to insufficient memory or a network error.”

There is an option to “Restart” from several different points - but I’m not sure which one to choose. Is there any way to restart “from where it left off”…? If not, how can I tell from the log file, how far into the process it had gotten - and which one of the restart options is appropriate?



I recreated this job several times and it continued to fail at the same point every time with an error code 37 and a “killed” message which others have stated indicate an out of memory error.

Finally I noticed that there were 40 ‘stray’ pictures in the image set I was uploading - mostly close-up pictures of the ground taken while the drone was sitting on the ground. I removed those pictures which were taken accidentally and resubmitted the job - and it’s now working (11.5 hours in and at 60% on progress bar).

I can upload the picture set somewhere if there’s a developer that wants to troubleshoot the issue that these stray photos caused and possibly add some error trapping to help better identify and ignore any stray or unrelated photos - or at the very least, perhaps exit with a more descriptive error message?