Resolution to Scale Question

I’m working on surveying my property and one of the planners I’m working with asked for a map with scale of 1" = 200’ and a 5’ CI – I understand (roughly) how to do that in QGIS, but is there a standard resolution I should be using to get precision at this scale? Trying to determine the highest possible height I’ll be able to fly at to achieve this.

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Someone may have the numbers and the calculations at their finger tips better than I do, but if I remember correctly, at 300dpi (assuming printing), a 5cm pixel would give you 1:200 scale. This would mean, for e.g. a 12MP DJI Mavic Pro, you could fly at 220m and get the adequate resolution.

In most countries, your max height without a waiver is 120m (in the US, it is 400 feet in Class G airspace). So, in short, flying at your maximum legal height, you will probably get higher resolution than you need.