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Hi, recently processed a project of 1650 photos running WebODM on my PC. Completed in 4 hours and I was impressed with that. I have 32Gb ram. Would adding another 32Gb be beneficial, or not worth it?
This was ran using Resize 2048. Ideally I wouldn’t want to resize anything but I’m not really sure what that does, the output still looked good.

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That does not change the size of the images, the resize yes/no at the start is what changes the image size for all further processing

FromOpenDroneMap - The Missing Guide

During the SFM process the program needs to extract features
from each image. To speed things up, the program resizes all
images prior to performing feature extraction . This option
specifies the target size of the largest side of the images for
the purposes of feature extraction. It’s important to note that
the input images are not affected by this option and neither
are other stages of the pipeline. Changing this option will not
degrade the quality of resulting orthophotos or 3D models.
This option can be lowered with datasets that have lots of
recognizable features (cars, buildings, etc.) and should be
increased with datasets that lack them (forest areas, deserts,

I suspect that was on high quality feature extraction and high or medium quality point cloud. If you want to use ultra quality settings, you will definitely need more RAM.

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Oh wow, I didn’t realize there was an ultra setting. Thanks for the resizing explanation. That makes sense to me.

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