Resized Photos ... are they saved?

Photos used are saved in the project folders, but when the “Resize”, flag is set, are the Resized/Corrected(?), photos also saved, and individually available?


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Good morning, John,

Logically if I’m not talking nonsense, you go to the dashboard, you click on “the task”, you click on 3D, you click on camera and there you see your shots appear.

click on the photo(s) you want and download

I hope that answers your question


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I realize the photos are saved in the Project folders, but normally, these photos are not “resized”(I almost never use this option)
My photos are in “D:\WebODM\resources\app\data\media\project\14\task\d7753a09-e648-4c43-bc5b-849c29c91de1”, as photos in other jobs happen to be(relatively), but do not appear to be “corrected”.

So the question is, if the choice of “resizing”, photos is chosen, are those “corrected”, photos, physically saved anywhere? My understanding is "corrections to these photos, is a process that precedes the photogrammetry session, which makes me consider that these “corrected”, photos are actually saved, and if so, where … and, can these “corrected”, photos be used in multiple sessions?

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We do not support re-using assets from other Tasks on the fly/dynamically and each Task basically starts from a clean slate. This helps reduce problems when processing, though it can understandably lead to a bit of data duplication.

In WebODM, resized images are saved inside the task folder. (Under app/media).

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