Resize option in two places - which to use?

Hi all.

When using WebODM, I notice that there seems to be two places you can define the resizing option.

When you create a project, the main screen presents with the Name, Processing Node, Options and also an option to 'Resize Images", allowing the user to select Yes/No and enter a size if yes.

But then if you go in and edit the actual Options, one of the many options listed is “resize-to”, which is set to 2048 by default and the popup hint says can be disabled by setting it to ‘-1’.

I’m a bit unsure, are these referring to the exact same setting? And if they are, which takes precedence if they are different?


I thought they were the same, but after some testing I believe they aren’t.

Using the Yes/No dropdown resizes photos locally before uploading to the processing node.

Editing the options seems to upload the images as-is, and include a “resize-to” option with the job, so I would guess that’s something that happens somewhere along the SfM processing chain.

This isn’t an answer, I know… just my observations from this morning.

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The main resize option from the Yes/No dropdown resizes the images permanently on disk. This affets every subsequent stage of processing (which can in some cases decrease quality, but lowers storage and processing times).

resize-to only affects the feature extraction process of the pipeline during the structure from motion step. It does not affect quality of results (expect for the purpose of finding good features).

It’s a bit confusing, admittedly. We should rename it to something like --features-max-size.


Thanks for clarifying. That’s very helpful.

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