Resetting WebODM Password After Docker Reset

So, I’m running into an “Invalid Credentials” message when I try to open the localhost:8000/login/ webpage. Here’s the situation.

I’m pretty new to the image processing game, but I have had webODM up and running for the last month or so, with no major issues. This morning, I accidentally performed a “Reset to Default” on Docker after it crashed on me. I’ve had it crash other times, and just been able to restart everything and go on as before, but this time I inadvertently selected the “reset” option.

I went through the process of setting up webODM again, ran the

git clone --config core.autocrlf=input
cd WebODM
./ start

through Git Bash again, so I now have my webODM container set up in Docker as I did when I first installed it.

However, now when I try and open the localhost:8000/login/ interface, I’m told that my credentials are invalid. I have the username and password saved to google chrome, so I know that hasn’t changed. How do I go about resetting my password? I’ve seen a few older forum discussions on this topic, but none have seemed to get me anywhere.

Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.

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Try the password reset workflow here:

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