Reset entire view because lost focus of the 3d model(landscape)

sorry but after playing with the view in 3d trying to remove Camera animation tools, somehow ended up with the screen now blank. i’m trying to figure out if i’ve zoomed out or moved the model to the sides but i cant find it. or see it.

so question is there a reset button to bring it back to a state where it just finished the rendering of all the photos etc? back to when after 5hours i was able to see the 1300 photos in photogrammetry awesomeness.

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When you return to the processing Dashboard and then go back into the View Map or View 3D Model views, it should reset everything to the default project-wide zoom extent and overhead view angle.

i think i tried that and refreshed and view didn’t reset so deleted and restarted the task from scratch. must of been something else causing issue.
but thanks for getting back i shouldn’t of been so inpatient. first few days at this photogrammetry so eager to see what i can get done. pretty class stuff


No worries!

Honestly, it is a pretty daunting process and it subsumes so many other disciplines and tools that it ends up being a pretty large thing to tackle at once.

Take your time, make use of us all here in the Community, and post your questions (and successess! We love datasets and products!)


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