Request for Datasets shot with Sequoia, Multispec 4C and Micasense RedEdge

As we start to research multispectral support for ODM, it would help to have example datasets from various camera vendors such as:

  • Parrot Sequoia
  • Multispec 4C
  • Micasense RedEdge

If you can help, please post them in the datasets section of this forum! :pray:

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João Gaspar told me about this request. We have micasense altum with 6 bands (includes termal band). it would be fantastic to process with webodm. As soon as we can we send a set.


Hi Pierotofy, I have a dataset with the Multispec 4C, I’m new to this forum, I didn’t understood where I can upload it, please can you indicate it to me? Thanks, Etienne

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You can try making an account with and uploading the data there.

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In order to correlate the image intensity recorded in the image file with the actual light intensity, we need a “calibration shot” images of a calibration plate with known reflectance.

Specifically, multiple shots with several different exposures are required.
In addition, the image data must contain the data of the solar radiation sensor.

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I packed the pictures (including the 4 calibration shots) in the following zip (available 15 days)

just let me know if you need something more


Hi, could you process the pictures? Do I have to update them one more time if you didn’t had time to download them?

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Yes, please once more. I missed them.

Here it is:

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