Request: Copy of a WebODM quality report

Hi all,

Would somebody be kind enough to send me a copy of a quality report? I believe this is a recently added feature to ODM. Conditions aren’t good for flying where I am currently but I’d like to get my hands on a quality report asap so I can see what they generate.

Thanks very much!


Here’s a copy of a report generated on a run last night. Lots of details and it appears similar to the reports generated in Pix4D.

report.pdf (9.8 MB)


Thanks for that! Sorry it took a while for me to respond but it’s much appreciated.

Is there any documentation or user guides for how to interpret some of the information in these quality reports? I realize this is a relatively new feature so it may take some time. Ideally I’d love to have a guide for interpreting these quality reports similar to the Pix4D guide.

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I think for the time being the best resource we’d have is the Pix4D Guide. A lot of the concepts of that report apply to this one. It obviously isn’t 1:1, but it should go a long way towards helping you understand each item on the report.

Yeah, documentation about new features is something very important, for sure!

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