Replace images and rerun task

I have a feeling the answer to this is going to be embarassingly simple but I can’t figure it out by poking around, reading the docs (or at least the parts I think might be relevant to this) or any of the googling I’ve tried…

Basically I just want to re-run the exact same task, but replacing the images with new ones. AFAICT every time I hit “Select Images and GCP”, a new task is created, and I can duplicate a task allowing me to reprocess the same images with changes to the settings. But how do I use the same settings with different images?

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You might be able to do this by swapping the images on-disk in the project folder provided the format of the images and the filenames are exactly the same. I highly do not recommend this.

As for “swapping” the images inside a single Task instance, that sort of by definition isn’t the same Task as a Task is grouping of images and supporting georeferencing information (gcp_list.txt, geo.txt). If these change, it is a different Task.

If you just want to easily re-use the same settings again, make it into a Processing Profile by editing/duplicating one when you make a new Task, or by creating one manually in the Administration area of WebODM.