Remove the WebODM documentation link from main page of service

Hi. It seems that in every user account was created in service there is a link to
Most of users in our lab didn’t understand why they need to see this part of service if they didn’t understand smth in it )))
Theirs task are to fly and upload results. So this page seems to be missing to be seen at main page in every user. Please help me to remove it from user pages.

Hey @delphi you can remove the link from this file:

Then you’ll need to rebuild the docker image, from the WebODM directory:

docker build -t opendronemap/webodm_webapp .
./ restart

Without rebuilding the images you can also add the following HTML from the Customize – Theme – HTML After Body:

  $("ul#side-menu li a[href='']").parent().hide();

That seems to be a mistake here. I have made it and nothing happens.
Before the autorization I see this code as a average text.

That seems to be a JS function which must hide the item after page is loaded. But it didn’t
I didn’t restart the webodm. Just type to auth again

Maybe to have thought about?

I try to add script tag to. Not working

And it seems to need jquery but i opened the developer console and I can’t understand whether there must be jquery or not?

Oh! It seems that jquery is here (rather old)

<script src="/static/app/js/vendor/jquery-1.11.2.min.js"></script>

Your code in script tag give me an error:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token

Thanks. This was an encoding error copy-paste. It is working

Also this way will be able to remove the API page too?
How can I make it?

I understood and made it for api too