[Release] Aruco GCP creation tool

Hi everyone,

Inspired by the work done by @siki with GitHub - zsiki/Find-GCP: Find ArUco markers in digital photos (shown here Automating GCP detection on images ), and by what’s happening with GCP Editor Pro, I wanted a way to create my own Aruco markers to be used as GCPs.


Current solutions were not satisfactory, since they were creating fixed resolution picture, that then needed to be scaled properly. They also were not very open to customization.

I thus created the GCP Aruco Marker Generator .

It’s a python program that will help you create SVG of an aruco marker to be used as GCP.

You can chose the size of the marker, the presence of the border, the colors, a center target for location collection and even the text to use around the marker! It can create a single marker or the whole family if you need it.

You just then need to print it on canvas or on whatever you want to use. Here is a picture of one of my own in real use.

I’m working on setting up the proper parameters for Find-GCP to work properly.

Finally here is an example at a GSD of 14mm/px, real size.

Please chime in if you have comments or questions.


Beautiful! Thank you so, so much! This is going to help folks massively.

Selfishly, do you think you’re at a point where you could tag a release? This would help me package it for Alpine Linux, for instance :slight_smile:

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Absolutely! I just forgot to tag it! I’ll do that tomorrow!


@Saijin_Naib It’s done! Release v1.0 · qaptadrone/gcp_aruco_generator · GitHub


Nice work, I’ve added a link to your project on the GitHub page of Find GCP, beside the aruco_make.py (my generator).


Thanks a lot!

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This is fantastic, thanks for sharing!


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