Reducing cloud point size - 3d model

I’m creating buildings 3d models to improve my photovoltaic projects… but the 3d models i’m creating are too big. For example… the WebODM creates a full 3d model, with objects I don’t need as well… for example, streets etc.
Is there a way to reduce the 3d model to only the object I need… example: house in the middle

I’m learning how to use the photogrametry and had no previous experience

For example, I need only the house in that picture… how can I delete the surrouding objects?

Thank you all



Amazing results so far!

Yes, please see our --boundary option we added recently:

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I’ve found, one of the options in the link posted above, to work well, you can draw your polygons before processing in WebODM, so that you don’t need to edit later.

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