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Hello good morning, I have processed an orthophoto so that the laptop works at night and I have had an error due to lack of memory, I only use 4gb of ram in Ubuntu and webodm to process 74 photos; the case is that I try to recover the job and with the restart menu I did it and finish the job. Is there a difference with a normal procew far can you force job recoveries due to out of memory with restart menu?
Edit the error mesage said also a faillure of net connection…i use webodm in a sigle pc…

4GB is very slim. Can you allocate more?

Yes indeed it is low memory but what I want is to know how the task recovery system works; if it is reliable and if we can force the equipment to do a job with little memory, for example letting it work at night and recover it from the point where it stopped

I think the checkpoints will not be fine enough for what you’re wanting to do to work.

It checkpoints at the beginning/end of a stage (typically), so if it fails partway through, you’re going to rerun that stage at least, and it will likely fail again if it is that resource constrained.

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I’ve tried using restart processing after lack of memory issues, but it has always failed- have to start again with less images, or else resize them to a lower resolution.

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Right. If you’re not addressing the problem that causes the crash, restarting will just have it happen again. Many of the steps in the pipeline are quite deterministic.

on this task works well…only 1.5 m displacement , the restart operation only spend 70 sec, but when i redo with a new task with no resize option the work fail with no recovery ability, the ground controls are doing with fake points of another map…the message is different of faillure code nº1 Captura de pantalla de 2021-06-05 16-10-30 Captura de pantalla de 2021-06-05 13-18-21 Captura de pantalla de 2021-06-05 16-11-47