Recover projects from past install

Hello all! I recently needed to reinstall my server operating system (Ubuntu 22.04). When I reinstalled the OS and started WebODM back up, I found that my previous models and processed images for projects were no longer in the WebODM. I thought I recalled that WebODM docker write the projects and image files to the directory the docker was run out of, something like the ./app/media and ./app/models directories. I can’t seem to find any files in those locations. Was I mistaken on where those files are stored? If I have a backup of the previous OS root drive will I be able to find those previous projects in the previous docker images? If so can someone point me to where those would be and how to recover them?

Thanks, and have a great day!

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If you re-installed the OS, then Docker and its various containers will have been overwritten, losing what was stored.

I write everything out externally to another part of my drive that I can more easily image and backup using the --media-dir parameter to change the path.

The various Docker containers should be in /var/lib/docker for Ubuntu. You could try just copying that over your current directory and restarting the Docker service to see if it loads the prior containers.

Great, thanks for confirming this! If I haven’t been using the --media-dir parameter but want to start using it, do I need to save the projects out of the current docker files into that media_dir before restarting with the --media-dir parameter? Will this just be the images or will it save the projects also?

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I do not believe we do a migration, or at least we did not when I began using it.

Using the flag will store the entire directory structure for the Projects and Tasks, so yes, input images as well as final products.

By default, Docker runs as root, so all of the files and directories will be set to root for permissions, in case you run into any problems accessing or listing them. I do not recommend changing the permissions on the media-dir target at this point.

Great to know, thanks again!

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