Record an animation in WebODM Lightning

Hey all,

I’ve created some animations in the Potree viewer that is part of the WebODM Lightning interface. I was wondering if anyone knows of a means to output the animation into a file? Is a screen cast software package my only option or is there functionality in the Lightning viewer that would allow for this.


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I don’t think we have recording support in PoTree yet, and I don’t see it upstream either…

I think a screencapture might be the order of the day for the moment.

Press the windows key and G and an interesting screen cast software opens up. It works pretty well.

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Gotta love gamebar! It will use the GPU-accelerated encoders too, so lightning fast.

Any idea if you can limit the window for recording in Gamebar? I’d love to just get the scene and not the Potree viewer controls

Nah, it is meant for full-source capture. You may need OBS if you want to have custom capture dimensions and positioning.

I guess I could download something that would allow me to edit the mp4 but add that to the endless list of software packages I need to learn.

Now that I got the hang of it I’m super impressed with the animation I’m doing in WebODM Lightning. WebODM never ceases to amaze me.

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