Raster DEM Editor Tool?

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A GIS related question: is there a FOSS tool for editing a raster DEM (GeoTIFF)?

In particular, something that would allow drawing of a rectangle (or polygon) and interpolate a smooth surface from the points.

I know GRASS can do it, but the process is a bit cumbersome. Looking for something a bit more “click and go”.

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Could you provide an example?

There is the Serval plugin for QGIS, and Paint.NET’s developer did a lot of work to ensure that it will respect GeoTIFF structure/metadata, so one can directly edit/paint on those there.

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Lutra’s tool is pretty close, it just lacks the interpolation function.


There’s also this: https://mobile.twitter.com/vicloarec/status/1453479220185866241


That was the exact tweet I was digging in my twitter likes for!

Thanks for surfacing that!

QGis, it can do a lot with polygons and tasters

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The mesh editing is fantastic, but delaunay interpolation is not what I’m going after (also would rather avoid the mesh <=> raster roundtrip workflow).


We could use a model to automate Raster Zonal Statistics from a polygon boundary, then Create Constant Raster Layer using the Mean/Median/Mode value calculated in Raster Zonal Statistics. With qgis cmd this should be doable from “headless” as well.

If we have to burn this back into the original dem, we’d likely need to take a stop (or two) in the Raster Calculator, but yeah.

Or is that not really what you want done?

The lutra tool is pretty much spot on (draw a polygon, press a button, done), except it doesn’t have the interpolation I need.

It’s open source though, so I’m sure I could add the function I need to it. I was hoping there might be something readily available.

The interpolation is the same as v.surf.rst in GRASS (take the points around a polygon and define a new surface based on the interpolation of those points).