Random fun project -- car reconstructions

Often pre-release cars are captured camoflaged using techniques from WWI. I find this fascinating, because while useful for preventing people from quite seeing the car, often these patterns seem super useful for computer vision-based feature tracking. The patterns might better than if the cars were their normal colors in many cases.

I don’t have time to play with this idea right now, but if someone wanted to extract frames and maybe auto-isolate some of those frames from the background, one could get a really good 3D representation of this spy video of (already released) Mercedes vehicles. It might be a fun, strange OpenDroneMap proof of concept use case. You know: a use case for all those OpenDroneMap car spies. :smiley:


I’ve been playing with the idea of taking images from Google street view to make a model

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Twenty picture quickly delineated so far:

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Ha! Awesome! What does the mesh look like?

Not from the same set of pictures (had not kept it) and adding pictures does not always improve the results but here is a mesh:

Obvisouly auto extraction with object tracking and background substraction would provide nicer results…

Same pictures but akaze

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