Questions about Windows native WebODM performance

I’m curious about a couple of things with the Windows native WebODM install. I purchased the installer (I have it working in Linux and everything is great there, I don’t mind buying it again since it helps out the project.) and have some questions.

I processed the data set here: on my Linux/Docker instance. A total of 763 images covering an area of approx. 90 acres.

I installed the Windows version of WebODM on the system that I use for Agisoft. I processed a smaller subset of data, 536 of the above images for roughly about 70 acres worth of area.

As you can see the processing time was significantly more for the smaller set of images. Is this normal, for the Windows version on similar hardware? (different processor, more cores on the Windows system, the same amount of memory, windows system has more powerful GPU, the Linux system has a low-end GPU.)

Does WebODM take advantage of GPU processing yet? (I’ve been out of the loop for about a year.)

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Thanks for your continued support!

I would expect the Windows version to under-perform in most circumstances, as Linux is much faster (especially with file system operations, which we do many).

There’s no GPU support in Windows (yet). Coming soon.

Disable any antivirus software if you have one. It could cripple performance.

To make a fair comparison, also make sure the options you choose are the same! (They don’t seem to be).

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Also, should I be able to access this instance in a browser from another computer? I tried the standard port 8000 and it doesn’t connect.

I’m looking forward to the GPU support. I know it’s been on the road map for a while.

Nop (for security reasons), but keep an eye on Enable Web Mode from Desktop App · Issue #1038 · OpenDroneMap/WebODM · GitHub since this has been asked before.


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