Questions about hardware bottlenecks and ODM

Hey guys,

I’m wondering if the speed of RAM affects the success of a process? I assume it affects completion time, but would DDR3 and DDR4 RAM of different speeds both successfully process the same sized theoretical max-sized map? Or would faster DDR4 RAM process larger maps than the same gb amount of DDR3?

I understand that amount of RAM is directly related to success failure of processing a map. Does anyone know how much cpu core count and speed have in comparison? Assuming time is not an issue and I bought the cheapest slowest modern four core cpu, would it fail at processes that a stronger cpu wouldn’t? Or would it just be extremely slow?

I’m basically trying to feel out where the hardware bottlenecks are for building an efficient (not necessarily fast) ODM processing server. My current understanding of ODM processimg efficiency is: get a cpu one level above potato, as much RAM as your local government allows an individual to own.

Thanks for your time!

RAM speed is not going to allow you to process larger maps, but might be faster. A faster CPU might also be worth if you can afford it, as it will speed up computation.

Spot on for the amount of RAM.

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