Questions about DroneDB plugin

I recently got time to work on my own setup, and have two questions about the DroneDB plugin. I vaguely feel like I may have asked them before but searches aren’t bringing them up so here goes!

  1. The plugin has a bug where using a trailing slash on the URL (e.g. versus passes validation but cannot import images. If the developers do not have any strong preferences, I think the trailing slash is a requirement for legal URLs so perhaps lean that way?

  2. Is there a way to upload generated assets to DroneDB? Bonus points if I can store the assets in a subdirectory to facilitate running multiple configurations against the same data.

  1. That sounds reasonable. Can you find supporting docs from WC3 or another standards board? Though, I wonder about user-expectations… In any case, a PR is always welcome! :smiley:
  2. Do you mean all the final products? How? Directly after finish as the Un-archived?
  1. RFC 3986 seems to be the current definitive reference. It says stuff like this: “A path is always defined for a URI, though the defined path may be empty (zero length).” and “If a URI contains an authority component, then the path component must either be empty or begin with a slash (”/“) character.” The authority component is the hostname part – so would still be legal as I read this. Having read that, I’d say it’d probably be better for the plugin to either a) reject URLs with / at the end or b) handle them correctly when importing images.
  2. Well, when the plugin is enabled, there’s an Import button and a DroneDB Import button. Perhaps next to the Download Assets button there could be a DroneDB Export button with the same dropdown options. The additional subdirectory selection could be made the same way it’s done with import – though without any “new folder” functionality one would have to create the target directory in advance.
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