Question regarding --feature-quality and --pc-quality

I have a question regarding --feature-quality?
What percentages does this resize images for the different values. ultra | high | medium | low | lowest

Same goes for --pc-quality?
How does this calculate the number or percentage of tie points for said image size? ultra | high | medium | low | lowest


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–feature-quality levels are:
ultra: 1.0
high: 0.5
medium: 0.25
low: 0.125
lowest: 0.0675

–pc-quality levels are:
ultra: 0.5
high: 0.25
medium: 0.125
low: 0.0675

I do have a PR open that might change these quite drastically.
Super, Hyper, Ultra, and other re-alignments. by Saijin-Naib · Pull Request #1211 · OpenDroneMap/ODM (

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Thank you sir.


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