Question about Installing when VirtualBox is already installed

I’m interested in installing and learning WebODM, but I am worried about possible conflicts with VirtualBox. I already use VirtualBox for other things and I can’t risk it becoming disabled. One person mentions some issues they’ve had with Docker and VirtualBox (, so I’d like to know any WebODM users have had experience with this.
Can I install WebODM (including Docker) and not damage my existing VirtualBox setup?
My Host OS is Windows 10 Pro for Workstations.
Thanks for any advice you can offer! Take care -
Jeff Jenness

Docker on Windows 10 Pro uses Hyper-V and Hyper-V cannot run while VirtualBox is running.

Perhaps install LiveODM on a new Ubuntu machine using VirtualBox. That would be the less risky way to do this.

OK, sounds good. Does this mean that I just can’t run Docker while I have a VirtualBox VM running (and vice versa), or does installing Docker mean that VirtualBox will be permanently disabled?

I’ll try that option to install on a VM running inside VirtualBox. Thanks!

You might be able to run Docker on VirtualBox on Windows 10 Pro using the older “Docker Toolbox” setup instead of Docker for Windows, however, I don’t think it’s recommended and I don’t know if it would affect your current VirtualBox environment.

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