Quality report for the mosaic

I have started using ODM recently and very happy with the functionalities it provides, which are easily comparable with the costly commercial solutions. I was wondering if there is a quality report available from ODM stating at least the following information as well:

  • Number of calibrated images
  • Map area coverage in hectares
  • Frontal and side overlap
  • Coordinate system etc.

Apologies, if I am too demanding and really appreciate the hard work behind this great solution.
Many thanks.


A feature request we get often, and I think something we all see the value in.

Are you capable of adding it? If not, would you be interested in helping us fund the development of this feature?


I myself won’t be able to do it. But I will ask one of my colleagues to investigate it further.

I will come back to you on this as soon as I can.


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