Quality Report Capture Time incorrect

I’m not sure where the timing is picked up from for the quality report, but it is always incorrect, being neither local time nor UTC.

See attached screen grab, which suggests all my imaging was done overnight local time, or if UTC, then from before sunrise to 11:09am.

I can’t see anywhere in the menu to fix this, so perhaps it’s a bug?

Also, GPS errors are rather large when I’m joining a number of flight plan areas, but reasonable when doing individual flight plan areas. So perhaps I need some GCPs. This is only about 1/8 of the total area I have to cover, returning next week for more imaging.

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Could you share the start/end images of each of those collects on dronedb or elsewhere? It would help to see what is going on. To be clear, the time is wrong even for a single collect as well?

And yeah, GCPs will likely help a ton. GPS location will drift pretty significantly over time, especially as the satellite constellation for a given location changes.


Sorry for the delay, I’ve been away on a 2nd visit on the mapping job for the past 3 days, and I’ll need another 2-3 days to finish it when we get another spell of clear weather.

Here are the first and last images of a set from a few days ago, plus the quality report.
I’ve figured out what the bug is, since we are currently on daylight saving time, we are 11 hours ahead of GMT/UTC, so 11 hours should be subtracted from the header time, but instead 11 hours are being added to give the times in the report.


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Oh, interesting.

What timezone are you in? Or at least what major city are you nearest?

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In winter Australian Eastern Standard Time, 10 hours ahead of GMT, but since 3rd October Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time, 11 hours ahead of GMT.
Same time as Sydney NSW.

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