QGIS's Raster Calculator Predefined Expression for Vegetation Indexes

Hi everyone!

I created vegetation indexes predefined expressions for QGIS’s raster calculator. It might be useful to help you analyzing multispectral images. I got the indices formula fro FIELDimageR website.

How to use:

  1. Open QGIS select Settings > User Profiles > Open Active Profile Folder
  2. Inside “processing” folder, replace the “rastercalcexpressions.json” content with the json lines below. Please be careful, if you have another predefined expressions before, make sure to just copy the lines you needed, not replacing the whole content.
    "Brightness Index": "sqrt((\"[R]\"^2+\"[G]\"^2+\"[B]\"^2)/3)",
    "Soil Color Index": "(\"[R]\"-\"[G]\")/(\"[R]\"+\"[G]\")",
    "Green Leaf Index": "(2*\"[G]\"-\"[R]\"-\"[B]\")/(2*\"[G]\"+\"[R]\"+\"[B]\")",
    "Primary Colors Hue Index" : "(2*\"[R]\"-\"[G]\"-\"[B]\")/(\"[G]\"-\"[B]\")",
    "Normalized Green Red Difference Index": "(\"[G]\"-\"[R]\")/(\"[G]\"+\"[R]\")",
    "Spectral Slope Saturation Index": "(\"[R]\"-\"[B]\")/(\"[R]\"+\"[B]\")",
    "Visible Atmospherically Resistant Index": "(\"[G]\"-\"[R]\")/(\"[G]\"+\"[R]\"-\"[B]\")",
    "Overall Hue Index": "atan(2*(\"[B]\"-\"[G]\"-\"[R]\")/30.5*(\"[G]\"-\"[R]\"))",
    "Blue Green Pigment Index": "\"[B]\"/\"[G]\"",
    "Plant Senescence Reflectance Index": "(\"[R]\"-\"[G]\")/(\"[RE]\")",
    "Normalized Difference Vegetation Index": "(\"[NIR]\"-\"[R]\")/(\"[NIR]\"+\"[R]\")",
    "Green Normalized Difference Vegetation": "([NIR]-[G])/([NIR]+[G])",
    "Ratio Vegetation Index": "\"[NIR]\"/\"[R]\"",
    "Normalized Difference Red Edge Index": "(\"[NIR]\"-\"[RE]\")/(\"[NIR]\"+\"[RE]\")",
    "Triangular Vegetation Index": "0.5*(120*(\"[NIR]\"-\"[G]\")-200*(\"[R]\"-\"[G]\"))",
    "Chlorophyll Vegetation Index": "(\"[NIR]\"*\"[R]\")/(\"[G]\"^2)",
    "Enhanced Vegetation Index": "2.5*(\"[NIR]\"-\"[R]\")/(\"[NIR]\"+6*\"[R]\"-7.5*\"[B]\"+1)",
    "Chlorophyll Index - Green": "(\"[NIR]\"/\"[G]\")-1",
    "Chlorophyll Index - Red Edge": "(\"[NIR]\"/\"[RE]\")-1",
    "Difference Vegetation Index": "\"[NIR]\"-\"[RE]\""

Enjoy :smiley:

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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Also, is there anyone having an issue regarding NDVI extraction from multispectral orthophotos? My NDVI wouldn’t be in range -1 to 1 if --radiometric-calibration is turned on (both camera or camera+sun). But when I turned it off, the range would be fine.

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