PyODM Runtime Parameters

For working runtime parameters using PyODM, are these key/values formatted correctly?

task_options = {'orthophoto-bigtiff': "YES",
                        'min-num-features': 16000,
                        'orthophoto-resolution': 0.5,
                        'verbose': True,
                        'matcher-distance': 30,
                        'ignore-gsd': True,
                        'use-hybrid-bundle-adjustment': True,
                        'crop': 0,
                        'texturing-nadir-weight': 4,
                        'fast-orthophoto': True,
                        'matcher-neighbors': 12,
                        'use-opensfm-dense': True,
                        'split': split,
                        'split-overlap': 30,
                        'merge': 'orthophoto'}

What does the Python interpreter say when you use them?

task info: {‘date_created’: datetime.datetime(2019, 9, 10, 13, 18, 44),
‘status’: <TaskStatus.RUNNING: 20>,
‘last_error’: ‘’, ‘processing_time’: 17,
‘uuid’: ‘0dab2a6c-8773-4229-998c-c7126ba85cff’,
‘progress’: 0, ‘name’: ‘xxl-cli2’,
‘images_count’: 7751,
‘options’: [{‘value’: ‘http://:3000/’,
‘name’: ‘sm-cluster’}, {‘value’: 16000,
‘name’: ‘min-num-features’}, {‘value’: 4,
‘name’: ‘texturing-nadir-weight’}, {‘value’: 0.5,
‘name’: ‘orthophoto-resolution’}, {‘value’: True,
‘name’: ‘ignore-gsd’}, {‘value’: True,
‘name’: ‘use-opensfm-dense’}, {‘value’: 250,
‘name’: ‘split’}, {‘value’: 30,
‘name’: ‘matcher-distance’}, {‘value’: 30,
‘name’: ‘split-overlap’}, {‘value’: ‘YES’,
‘name’: ‘orthophoto-bigtiff’}, {‘value’: True,
‘name’: ‘fast-orthophoto’}, {‘value’: 0,
‘name’: ‘crop’}, {‘value’: ‘orthophoto’,
‘name’: ‘merge’}, {‘value’: 12,
‘name’: ‘matcher-neighbors’}, {‘value’: True,
‘name’: ‘verbose’}, {‘value’: True,
‘name’: ‘use-hybrid-bundle-adjustment’}],
‘output’: []}

No errors, thus they work.

No exactly. While I don’t have 'build-overviews': True selected on the options above, when I do add that option, the output ortho does not have overviews.

Maybe some other problem then, unrelated to PyODM.