Pyodm options passing issue

Hi, I’m using pyODM with nodeODM docker, and when I’m trying to start a task (or restart) and one of the options I pass is the “rerun” options, it ignores it, and also uses options I did not pass…
for example: this is the option dictionary I give the task.restart function:
{‘rerun’: ‘openmvs’, ‘pc-quality’: ‘medium’, ‘max-concurrency’: 48}

but when I extract the options using, these are the options I get from the task:
{‘name’: ‘max-concurrency’, ‘value’: 48}, {‘name’: ‘pc-quality’, ‘value’: ‘medium’}, {‘name’: ‘pc-ept’, ‘value’: True}, {‘name’: ‘cog’, ‘value’: True}
as can be seen, the ‘cog’ and ‘pc-ept’ options where added from nowhere, while the ‘rerun’ cannot be found.
Any ideas?

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