Purchased the ‘Standard’ Installer no response

Purchased the ‘Standard’ Installer for WebODM. I received an email stating my Purchase was being processed. My credit card shows the payment was deducted. I never received any other emails on how to download or receive the installer? or to login to get the installer. I looked in my junk mail also but no response. Its been 10 days.

If you don’t get an answer here, I would also try https://uav4geo.com/contact
The installer is a commercial product sold by that company.

Hey @btqnet,

sometimes the e-mails might end up in spam. Did you check there? (If that’s a different classification than junk)

I think I’ve also replied to your support request via e-mail earlier today. Perhaps that ended up in spam also? Some AV software tends to block any e-mail that contains download links to executables (and since you purchased software, there’s indeed a link that redirects you to download one). It’s a really inconvenient state of affairs when that happens, because there’s little that we can do (aside from digitally signing our setup files, which we do). Sometimes they don’t even spam it, they just trash/delete it.

I’ve PM you via the forum.

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I Returned the email to sender and they sent me a link that worked.