Purchase WebODM Question

If I purchase WebODM, (Windows 11) will it support NVIDA Gpu? I am using the docker version and having 2 issues:

  1. Can not raise Ram in docker past 16GB (I have followed all the guides, restarter docker, etc. No Luck).
  2. Using GPU for WSL2 and Docker seems like a pain. Does purchasing the WebODM from the site launch as application without Docker so it can leverage all resources of the computer?

We support NVIDIA GPUs of the GTX 9xx generation or newer.

WebODM for Windows native uses Windows’ logic to allocate resources, and should be far more efficient and faster than Docker on Windows in nearly all cases.

However, not every card can accelerate every size image for extraction, though any compatible card should accelerate pointcloud densification (which is far more costly).

Also, please keep in mind that not every stage of every dataset will saturate all resources all the time. This is normal and expected behavior.

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Thank you for the response, Ill purchase and try it out! This is an amazing piece of software! Using it to process screenshots of imagery from Digital Combat Simulator (A PC Flight simulator), embedded exif data into the screenshots, then make orthographic maps of the virtual world based on real coordinates!


Interested in your use case, please feel free to share what you are working on in more details in #the-showroom.

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Hey! Just shared a small write up of the project and the current progress! Let me know your thoughts or any suggestions you might have


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