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Hi everybody!
I am a landscape designer in china,and start to use drones since 2016.
I was used to Metashape ,contextcapture,but found it hard to share results to my customers.
Geotiff?Need gis to open it。3d model?Need 3dsmax,Rhinoceros.
Then i foud webodm,
I tried it on my computer,the quality suites my needs,
Now, i want to publish on the web.
Of course ,i can install them on aliyun or tencent cloud,but the computing services are so expensive.I wonder if it is possible,that i run the computings on my own computers ,then sync the data to cloud services.They just store the data,and my customer can view the results smoothly.
Thanks .


Hi Mr. Why,

Yes this is possible. If you want to avoid higher costs due to higher spec VPS (Virtual Private Server) required for processing, you can process locally and upload to your VPS.

Here is a quick brief by Mr Pierotofy about how to do it (Just need to replace files or upload exported project assets) : Hosting other products on WebODM


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I will try it .

I tried that,and the othomosaic works perfectly.however,the textured model does not.
Any suggestions?

Hi, I’ve tried Cesium and works fine, another solution i’ve tried for 3d models is nexus from Italian CNR (national research council) that’s very good.


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