Proposed Documentation Improvements

Corey Snipes put together a proposed reorganization for to improve readability, searchability, etc… I wanted to share that outline more broadly as we start another round of improvements to docs: OpenDroneMap Documentation Updates - مستندات Google



Proposed Outline

The proposed outline has three primary goals:

  • Highlight information to help new users get started (Installation + Basic Data Processing)
  • Simplify top-level navigation
  • Improve organization of advanced topics

I believe the proposed outline accomplishes these goals and provides a reasonable foundation to support future additions and updates.

  1. Installation
    1. Quick Start
    2. Hardware recommendations
    3. Which version? (WebODM, installer, etc)
    4. Docker Installation (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
    5. Native Installation (Linux)
    6. Troubleshooting Installation
  2. Data Processing Basics
    1. Loading Data
      1. Start with a Test Dataset
      2. Running Your Datasets
    2. Ground Control Points Overview
    3. Orthophoto Overview
    4. 3D Model Overview
    5. DTM/DSM Overview
    6. Plant Health / Multispectral Overview
    7. Downloading Data
    8. Troubleshooting Data Processing
  3. Advanced Processing Topics
    1. Output Accuracy and Quality
      1. Creating High Quality Orthophotos
      2. Creating High Quality 3D Models
      3. Creating High Quality DTM/DSM
    2. Advanced Ground Control Points
      1. Recommended Practices
      2. GCP File Format
      3. Other GCP Interfaces (GCPEditorPro, etc)
    3. Processing Parameter Details - What does each do?
    4. Plant health algorithms - what does each do?
    5. Download Details (list of outputs)
    6. ClusterODM
    7. Processing Large Datasets
      1. Split/Merge Overview
      2. Local Split/Merge
      3. Distributed Split/Merge with ClusterODM
        1. Overview
        2. Adding Nodes
    8. Camera Calibration
    9. Image Geolocation Files (geo.txt)
    10. Image Masks
    11. Field Use (Low/No Connectivity)
    12. Periodic Maintenance / Disk Cleanup / Docker Commands / etc
  4. Data Collection
    1. Basic Concepts
    2. Flight Planning
    3. Advanced Concepts
  5. Additional Resources
    1. Community Forum / Requesting Help
    2. Books and Online References (Missing Manual etc)
    3. Video Tutorials
    4. On-Site and Remote Training
  6. Contributing to ODM
    1. Forum
    2. Reporting Bugs
    3. Developers / Adding Fixes and Features
    4. Contributing to Docs
      1. General Docs
      2. Translations

More on this. Corey’s structure is a significant rethinking of how we structure the docs, which largely (in its latest iteration) was a somewhat thoughtful mess that I made 26 months ago + that many months of pull requests and additions.

As this will not be a tidy process, but should be an open one, I have started here:

It’s still quite a mess, and lots will be squashed later for clarity, but a rebuild has begun!


And, the (very draft) pull request:


Both you and Corey have done some serious work on this framework… I think it will be a big improvement, and it provides a much more workable framework to expanding things, I think.

I was kicking around a restructure like this, but you both beat me to it, and did it far better than I was thinking.

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Ah well: outline is all Corey. I’ve been tweaking it a touch as I build them, but not much. :smiley:


Newbies can apreciate a tutorial 0-100,doc and multimedia , black box style, with a sample of 20-30 drone pictures(to run with low ram pc), beguining with planning flight , (qgroundcontrol proposed), tips for flight, download and run web odm,also native windows ODM, to obtain orthophoto, dsm,dtm and 3D pictures for measure distance, areas etc, plant health etc. And finally work with Qgis a post process to do maps etc. ** project-based learning** Thanks