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I currently work as a whitetail habitat consultant where I draw plans & design for my clients whitetail properties.

I am relatively new to drones and mapping so I have little knowledge when it comes to a lot of the topics. I was wondering if someone had any recommendations on what the best way for me to provide large canvas prints (3 Ft. x 3 Ft) to my clients. The orthophoto layer is my top priority, but the ability to do so with DSM & DTM would be incredible. I appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance!

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Those sound like great end products.

Do you mean how as in what service provides such prints?

In that case, if you’re in the USA, I use PhotoBucket for all my canvas prints and have been nothing but satisfied with their quality and pricing (there is always a sale).

You’d likely just need to export the images in a web friendly format like JPG or PNG, but you might run into filesize limitations for the various services, so you may need to tune things a bit depending upon which service you end up using.

Thanks for getting back with me!

Also, thanks for the feedback on the product. I think it will be a great value add to my business plan that can differentiate myself from others. I will take a look into PhotoBucket!

My question was more around the exporting of the files to be capable of a print that size. I wanted to avoid exporting the file and then having it be stretched and pixelated when we try to put it on such a larger sized canvas.

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to export the orthophoto as a JPG or PNG directly from WebODM. Is it possible to change the file type and size while operating in WebODM?

Thanks in advance!

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The GSD (Ground Sample Distance) of your dataset, tempered by how fine you set orthophoto-resolution and dem-resolution, will determine the output pixel size.

We do have some tools for export to other formats from the View Map page once processing is complete, along with some visual adjustments you can make, but I think for your case, using the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) might offer you the flexibility and control you may want for editing prior to print.

Alternatively, QGIS will all you to export the map canvas to other formats.


Perfect. That should do the trick. Thanks again!

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