Proper Way to Put Data Directory on EFS? (Docker)

I set WO_MEDIA_DIR to /mnt/efs/pointclouds for the docker environment when I spin up WebODM. However I noticed when it spins up a node, that node seems to store it’s data in the container of the node, not in /mnt/efs/pointclouds. I’m wondering what the “best way” to change this behaviour is, as I don’t want my EBS storage filling up on nodes that aren’t using S3.

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Any luck figuring this one out? I’m not sure how many in the community run on AWS right now.

Not really sure if this is what you are looking for, but maybe you can use the --media-dir option, please refer to the WebODM github page .

./ restart --media-dir /home/user/webodm_data

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I believe I got it functioning fine, but I ended up setting the default-nodes to 0, and just spinning up ODM using docker normally.


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