WebODM outputs everything in WGS84 UTM 34N, as I live in Stockholm Sweden.

But I want it in Sweref99 18 00, I can easily geo reference the ortophoto in QGis. The DSM is harder and the pointcloud is impossible at the moment.

Is there a program or something that can reproject a pointcloud without emptying my wallet?

Free and open source (and awesome).


I was hoping for something that doesn’t require a phd I physics.

If you have the binary, reprojection doesn’t look too bad:
Applying a grid shift to point clouds —

Actually found out a way to make it work with CloudCompare. Import a csv file with the GCP’s and the pointcloud in CloudCompare, then reference the cloud to the GCP’s.

It got better than from WebODM, but my cloud wasn’t good enuf. Need to work on my imaging.

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