Project in Progress - Laufenmühle Lauchringen

Dataset URL (Onedrive): Sign in to your account
Number of images: 3724 (Still growing)
Size in GB: 37
EXIF GPS (yes/no):yes
GCP (yes/no):no
RTK (yes/no):no

Hey guys,

I told you all a time ago that I am working on a huge project for a city.
The project is about creating a 3D-Model from a factory. The complex will be removed the next years and we wanted some advertisement for the stuff we are doing. So we asked the owner (the city) about this. They allowed us to create a such model and take the needed picture. At the moment it is still at work because it is a lot of manual work left. For example the small spaces between the buildings needs to be taken manually since there are lot of gps issues there.

But however, I just uploaded over 37GB+ of photos to the servers and if anyone wants to try the dataset, please feel free to test it.

And just in case if you want to see what complex is meant: Hauptstraße - 17.4.2022 - Bitmap
Thats what I am talking about.


Nice work Maurice!
What settings did you use?

I used less settings because the linked model is just for collecting heights of buildings.
I used a cluster with:

auto-boundary: true, pc-quality: high

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