Project files allocated

Hi Piero,

I work with Natively on Ubuntu 16.04 Server, Chrome 62 on Mac OS X 10.

I would like to know where the files of individual projects are allocated?

For example ortophoto,dem,ecc…

Hi @Marcuzzo77, by default files are stored in a named docker volume ( ), but you can switch to a file system mapped volume by passing the --media-dir flag to ./ See the README for more information

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I started to reprocess the image set using the suggested changes in the options you mentioned.

Last time, the docker container (C:\Users\Pitman.docker\machine\machines\default) grew greatly in size. This time, I looked at the docs and when I started WebODM I specified a folder on my hard drive in this manner:

After starting the docker terminal, I entered the following:
./ start --media-dir folder-name

I didn’t capture an image of the details of what happened in the terminal, but it appeared like everything was in order. Note, I did not actually create the folder as I expected it would be created by the process.

I then opened WebODM in the browser and started the project. Well, it didn’t create a folder and that original docker container is growing now.

I expected the process to create the folder and put the project in it but that’s not what it did. Where did I go wrong.

Thank you.

ps: I did select fast orthophoto in the settings. Is it going to have that image somewhere before the rest of the processing is done? Or maybe I am misinterpreting the objective for using it. I was thinking it would produce an orthophoto in a relative short time compared to the standard processing.

I think you need to create the folder yourself, docker is not going to create it. Also make sure that you issue a ./ down before anything else.

--fast-orthophoto will create an orthophoto more quickly, but will not create a full 3D model. It’s an experimental feature (and we need more testing on WebODM), so if you notice something is not working (is the orthophoto not being generated?) please file a bug report.