--proj property removed from recent version (0.9.1)

It looks like the options for transforming imagery outputs have been removed from recent versions of ODM (0.9.1).

There was an issue related to this that looks like it was resolved:

However, while that ticket suggests keeping the --proj option it looks like it was still removed. Does anyone know whether support for setting output EPSG is being removed?

The --proj option had certain problems in that it allowed to specify a CRS, but would only work with certain projections, would not apply uniformly to all outputs (only orthophotos) and overall caused several problems.

We should add a similar option to allow the reprojection of 2D results (for DEMs, orthophotos). We’d welcome contributions toward that (should be a matter of adding the proper parameters to the appropriate gdalwarp calls and expose a new --epsg config parameter).

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Opened https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/ODM/issues/1050

@pierotofy Thank you! We’ll look into contributing this.