Progress, questions, and a trivial bug

I am making progress on a standalone DigitalOcean droplet with cloud-init for ClusterODM. I’ve got it configured with a locked NodeODM instance and my ASR configuration. When I use the ClusterODM’s NodeODM UI to spin up a project, the docker-machine thing actually works – but only with ubuntu-18-04-x64 and Docker version 19.03.9. Anything newer, and it breaks. I don’t know what’s up with newer Ubuntu, but newer Dockers no longer have a TCP listener by default. Anyway. It all worked!

I do have a question about the image size mapping. I had to tweak it a tiny bit to match current slugs. Here’s what I’m currently using:

    "imageSizeMapping": [
        {"maxImages": 40, "slug": "s-2vcpu-2gb"},
        {"maxImages": 250, "slug": "s-4vcpu-8gb"},
        {"maxImages": 500, "slug": "s-8vcpu-16gb"},
        {"maxImages": 1500, "slug": "g-8vcpu-32gb"},
        {"maxImages": 2500, "slug": "g-16vcpu-64gb"},
        {"maxImages": 5000, "slug": "g-32vcpu-128gb"}

Are these for the default settings? I can imagine that quality (feature and point cloud) and max concurrency would have the largest influence on vCPU and RAM requirements. I could queue up jobs of varying sizes using the same ‘best possible output’ settings I’ve seen somewhere on the forums, or maybe someone here has already done this and can give recommendations?

Also, there’s a super minor bug in libs/routetable.js – a couple of logger lines have quotes instead of backticks so the variables don’t expand, and the error messages look like this:

warn: Cannot save routes to disk: ${err.message}

Here’s a working example from elsewhere in the codebase:

warn: Cannot save nodes to disk: EACCES: permission denied, open 'data/nodes.json'

I can’t make an issue on the repo for reasons so I’m throwing it out here. If anyone out there wants a super-easy low-hanging-fruit first contribution, enjoy! :slight_smile:

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I’m garbage with JavaScript, but I can upstream this. Can you guide me in private so I can do so? May I attribute you via text comment on the commit(s) as well?

I’m happy to go into more detail in direct messages here on the forum – if you prefer email, send me a message with your email and I’ll connect with you that way. No need to share attribution! If you’re doing the work, you should get the credit. I’m just pointing you in the right direction. :slight_smile:


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