Programs in the ODM toolchain

Read all the docs but not sure I know all the programs run during an ODM project. All I have found so far is: ODM, Opensfm, QGIS, CloudCompare, and meshlab. Are there others?

I think it is actually grass/gdal/libLAS for that part of the pipeline, not QGIS.

Correct. And cloudcompare isn’t directly used, although I personally use it all the time to view point clouds from OpenDroneMap.

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Um, which is correct, smathermather-cm? QGIS or grass/gdallibLAS?

Grass. But it’s used only for split-merge.

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Are the algorithms used documented at the 30,000 foot view anywhere?

I don’t think the algorithms are, but a general overview of the entire pipeline is well described in (disclaimer: I wrote it).